Well Babys

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The long lost Well Babys tapes have been uncovered in the David Bieber Archives and they’ll be released on vinyl under the moniker Motherlode Records, the first release from the archives-affiliated label. Titled “Well Babys,” the record will be limited to 300 signed and numbered pieces and will only be available on the Motherlode online store. Vinyl pre-order starts now and comes with a free digital download of the record. Digital downloads will not be available for sale at this time - they only come with the vinyl pre-order.

The tapes reveal late-80’s studio sessions with Sean Slade (Radiohead, Hole) from the original Roxbury Fort Apache studio, as well as sessions with Tom Hamilton (Lemonheads) and Erik Lindgren at Mission Control.


1) Last Million Turns
2) Coming Up
3) Substitute
4) Union Square
5) Wrong
6) The Days of Promiscuous Sex Are Gone
7) Wheelchair Jesus


1) We’re All The Same
2) Religious Thieves/Here Comes The Rain
3) Both Sides Now **
4) Paper Boy
5) Cold December
6) She Was Our Manager *

* All songs written by Gagnon/Silbert/Barry/Doherty (Wellest Baby Music, ASCAP) except * Gagnon (Do Thumb Thing Music, ASCAP) and ** Joni Mitchell (Crazy Crow Music) All songs copyright control except ** Crazy Crow Music